Now support your Blinkert favourite

Hello dear Blinkert friends! Easter is normally the beginning of our season. Unfortunately, this year, due to the corona crisis, it’s all a little different. Together we stand strong and that’s why you can now sponsor your Blinkert favorite.

How does it work?

Transfer an amount you choose to NL54 RABO 0123251745 (BIC RABONL2U) addressed to Rijstal De Blinkert. Then email a screenshot of your sponsorship to and mention which horse you would like to sponsor. We will then go on an expedition for you in our holiday meadow and make sure that you receive a nice photo or video of your darling.

We wish you all very happy Easter 🐣 and hope to greet you again on our beautiful island very soon.

Video”Support now your Blinkert favorite” (NL)

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